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5.5% ABV 30 IBUS

Whether it’s building a swing set or fixing the coolant leak in the plasma coils of your spaceship, this crushable companion is ready to get you started on that next project. Biscuity rice and millet malts provide just enough flavor for this light bodied beer and the crisp finish reveals the hint of hop flavor.​


5.3% ABV 25 IBUS

Bready, toasty malt backbone with a clove-spice character imparted by the yeast and just enough hops to bring balance. The restrained spiciness will excite your senses to infinity and beyond.​

Raspberry Pride

5% ABV 15 IBUS

Gobs of raspberries added during fermentation along with a clean malt profile give this kettle sour a pleasant fruity tartness that lingers on the palette.

No barriers

5.8% ABV 45 IBUS

There are no limits to the drinkability of No Barriers American Pale Ale. Bittered with Warrior and Centennial hops and then dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo, this pale ale has a little something extra for everyone’s tastes. It’s aroma is a citrusy, cannabis-like bouquet with a crisp flavor full that is widely approachable with a balanced bitterness.


4.5% ABV 18 IBUS

Sit back, relax and soak up some cosmic rays while sipping on the refreshing Spacerveza! Originally brewed in collaboration with Elote Cafe of Tulsa, OK, Spacerveza has a light, crisp malt-forward taste with a touch of sweetness and a lightly bitter finish. A widely palatable beer perfect for a laid-back easy atmosphere. Pairs well with Gauc, tacos & sunshine!

Astronaut cookies

5.0% ABV 33 IBUS

Dark roasted rice and chocolate millet malts along with a healthy amount of toasted oats make this beer taste like a dark chocolate chip cookie that was freshly dipped into the Milky Way.​



5.8% ABV 24 IBUS

Mars-zen is a German Märzen elevated to an extraterrestrial level. Brewed with artisanal malts and traditional German Hallertau hops, this pleasant lager has a soft, luxurious mouthful with an exquisitely satisfying, mildly sweet malt flavor that will linger on your palate. The distinct, rich yet clean toasted bread maltiness works in perfect harmony with the restrained bitterness and moderately dry finish to lighten your senses and guide you to beer Zen.


8.5% ABV 60 IBUS

The first Earthrise was witnessed on Dec. 24th 1968 from the surface of the Moon. This beer Embodies the feeling those astronauts had see the world from their unique perspective. With a warm semi-sweet creamy, toasty malt body spiced with Ceylon cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, and vanilla beans, Earthrise will send you over the Moon. As the astronauts said, “the vast loneliness is awe-inspiring and it makes you realize just what you have back there on Earth.”


8.5% ABV 60 IBUS

Moonrise… a stout from the darker side of the moon. Ancho chili spice and dark chocolate flavors are balanced with a medium malt sweetness to produce a smooth chocolate mouthfeel with a hint of chili spiciness on the finish. Moon Rise may represent the dark side but it will leave you feeling as warm, satisfied and luminous as a full moon.

One offs
(Limited taproom availability)

Black is Beautiful

10% ABV

Black Is Beautiful is a rich, dark Imperial Stout. It is deceptively strong with a 10% abv that is velvety smooth on the palate. The flavor is slightly sweet like dark chocolate with a light lingering roastiness and mild bitterness that produces a warming, bittersweet finish. you don’t want to miss out on this ale! (all proceeds from this brew will be donated to the ACLU of Oklahoma who work to preserve civil rights.)


3.5% ABV

Sunny Bee is a limited release NEFF fruited kettle sour ale. Fruited with tangerines and dry hopped with mandarin bavaria hops, Sunny Bee is a crisp, citrusy session sour that pairs perfectly with brunch!

Graffle fritter

6.7% ABV

Graffle Fritter is a graf (an apple cider/beer hybrid) brewed in collaboration with OK Cider Co., NEFF brewing, and social medic influencer Michelle Pagano. This collaboration tastes just like drinking a hand crafted apple fritter. It starts with a sweet, crisp apple medley spiced lightly with vanilla and cinnamon with a pie crusted finish. The joined forces of a lightly sweet, crisp cider and a unique blend of gluten free artisan malts creates the perfect craft experience that is brewed for everyone. Graffle Fritter will have you toasting apple pie and infinite happiness!

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