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5.5% ABV 30 IBUS

Apollo Blonde is an award winning American Blonde Ale inspired by the Apollo Missions. It has a smooth light, crisp taste and a thirst quenching finish that will please craft and domestic drinkers alike. At 5.5% abv, it is sessionable for those all American activities like lawn mowing, cookouts and sports. Apollo blonde is perfect for craft beer lovers and domestic drinkers alike!


5.3% ABV 25 IBUS

Ignition Switch is a double award winning belgian style ale! It has a beautifully toasted malty body with a deep hazy honey gold hue. Ignition switch is brewed with noble hops which are characterized by spiced and herbal notes of clove and thyme that will switch on your taste buds followed by a smooth orange honey finish satisfying your palate. It has a perfectly  complex yet balanced flavor profile that will please craft fanatics and craft newbies alike. Full of flavor, not too strong, not too light but just right!

Raspberry Pride

5% ABV 15 IBUS

Raspberry Pride is a delightful fruited kettle sour golden ale. Fruited with a bounty of robust raspberries & sprinkle of willamette hops, this ale has a slightly floral, fruity aroma with a tart raspberry flavor that will ting your taste buds, linger on your palate and leave you with a pair of rose colored glasses on!


4.5% ABV 18 IBUS

Sit back, relax and soak up some cosmic rays while sipping on the refreshing Spacerveza! Originally brewed in collaboration with Elote Cafe of Tulsa, OK, Spacerveza has a light, crisp malt-forward taste with a touch of sweetness and a lightly bitter finish. A widely palatable beer perfect for a laid-back easy atmosphere. Pairs well with Gauc, tacos & sunshine!


No barriers

6.5% ABV 45 IBUS

Reimagining limits, pushing boundaries, and breaking barriers. No Barriers India Pale Ale will not be held back and it will inspire you to push through too! With a balanced bitterness accentuated with a semi-dry finish and an elegant bouquet of hop aromas this IPA will excite hops lovers everywhere. It is bittered with Warrior, Simcoe and Centennial hops in the boil, flavored with Amarillo hops in the whirlpool, and then prodigiously dry hopped. No Barriers brings classic IPA flavors with a look to the future of IPAs. Bursting with piney, dank, and citrus-like aromas and flavors with a nice crisp finish, No Barriers is a multidimensional yet widely approachable IPA suited for craft beer enthusiasts across the galaxy.

*Available April – September


5.0% ABV 33 IBUS

Astronaut Cookies Oatmeal Stout is classic oatmeal stout with roasted coffee flavors and aromas built on a toasted oatmeal base with mild nutty and chocolate notes. It is smooth and crisp on the palate with a medium-dry espresso finish. Astronaut Cookies is a stout that can be enjoyed year round!

*Available September – April

Limited Release Beers


5.8% ABV 24 IBUS

Mars-zen is a German Märzen elevated to an extraterrestrial level. Brewed with artisanal malts and traditional German Hallertau hops, this pleasant lager has a soft, luxurious mouthful with an exquisitely satisfying, mildly sweet malt flavor that will linger on your palate. The distinct, rich yet clean toasted bread maltiness works in perfect harmony with the restrained bitterness and moderately dry finish to lighten your senses and guide you to beer Zen.

*Available August – October

Model X-331

6.3% ABV 40 IBUS

Model X-331, is a single hop American Pale Ale, whose namesake hop, Strata, was formerly known as Hop X-331. This beer is a beautiful representation of how a single, simple ingredient can bring complex, wonderful flavors and aromas to life. It has a nice clean malt body with fruity notes of strawberries and melon on the nose to accompany a mild dank, earthy bitterness brought to you by a hefty dry-hop that leads into a neat semi-dry finish. X-331 is sure to be your new favorite companion beer as we move through the Continuum!

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