Hello everyone, Jonathan Neff here again, founder and head-brewer at NEFF Brewing. I…

Hello everyone, Jonathan Neff here again, founder and head-brewer at NEFF Brewing. It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that we will be halting all curbside and delivery orders. We believe it is in the best interest of the community and its safety during the arduous times of the COVID-19 pandemic to temporarily shut down our taproom, until further notice. With the shelter at home mandate now in place locally, we feel curbside pick-up orders & deliveries to be an unnecessary risk to our staff and customers. We want to help flatten the curve. Especially during it's peak which is supposed to happen in April. It was a difficult decision for us, to say the least. Though 2020 has had the obvious setbacks, we are still working hard behind the scenes and have high hopes for our second year of business. We love you Tulsa and we want you to be happy, healthy, and safe.

The taproom will remain closed until we're given the green-light by officials to get back to business as usual. Until then, please help support us by picking up a 4-pack when you make your run to the grocery store, leave us a review on Google or Facebook, send us pictures or tag NEFF Brewing in your FB & IG posts and stories of you enjoying a can of our beer and/or your quarantine shenanigans, virtual cheers, hugs, and high fives are appreciated as well. We will be doing social media giveaways as a thank you to our wonderful NEFF Brewing fans throughout the temporary taproom closure days so be looking for those exciting announcements!

Though our taproom is temporaily closed, we're still brewing lots of delicious craft beer! We've just signed on with a new distributor and NEFF beer will be available in many new locations across the state soon!! We will be posting a list of grocery stores and liquor stores where you can find our beer as well as updating the BeerFinder on our website (www.neffbrewing.com). We will also be releasing new cans to help ease the pain of the quarantine. Be on the lookout for announcements of new beers coming in cans coming VERY soon!

I also want to personally thank each and every one of you that supported us in these trying times. Whether it was by placing a curbside order, calling in a delivery, picking up a 4-pack at your local liquor store, or just well wishes on social media, your support means the world to me and the staff here at NEFF Brewing. We don't know when this pandemic will end but we do know that culinary inclusivity will continue to be a part of the Tulsa craft beer and foodie cultures, we'll see to it.

Be safe, wash your hands, and stay home, please. It's all good… this too shall pass! See you all in the taproom when COVID-19 passes & festivities are a go! Cheers to flattening the curve & keeping Tulsa healthy! ?

Jonathan Neff

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